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Hello and welcome to the ATF wiki.

We are a community of Roleplayers that play a game with a homebrew system. Which grows with the input of the community and its staff.

Our Prime features are:  

Character imports: Characters from other worlds or cannons may be imported through something known as the world gate and by doing so it allows you to bring their unique history and play style and furthermore allows you to bring a single unique ability from a previous character you owned all whilst first hand experiencing the world and culture as a non-native.

Non Existence: Non-existence allows for new native players to gain a unique skill of their own based of a pre-game run through that helps give your character direction and helps give them means in which to interact with the world in their own way.

System Open Dev: We believe everyone's points are valid and have a room for our players to discuss mechanics, skills, and abilities that they would like to see added or augmented to keep a constant discussion with our player base on what we can do to improve.

Important articles Edit

Important articles Edit

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